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 Part Inspection Aerospace
  NASA Perfects Orbital Docking
  Laser Tracker accuracy crucial to Bombardier Aerospace
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Part Inspection Aerospace

Solutions for Part Inspection Aerospace
Thousands of users across the globe have entered into partnerships with Leica - and all have profited from it in terms of more efficient measurement procedures, better constructed end products and significantly reduced costs. Please read our case studies.
NASA Perfects Orbital Docking
NASA has used robots for many years to simulate different aspects of docking and space maneuvering. In the past, these robots were checked with static measurements, and NASA was looking for a way to check the robots' dynamic response. NASA contacted Leica Geosystems with the request for an off-the-shelf solution that would require few, if any, modifications to complete the complex measurement task remotely, with no personnel present inside the facility. részletek
Laser Tracker accuracy crucial to Bombardier Aerospace
Bombardier Aerospace has some 28,000 employees, and maintains full aircraft and aircraft component design and production facilities in Canada, the United States, and Northern Ireland. The company’s overall emphasis lies in three areas: continuous innovation, the highest level of productivity, and the creation of products that meet their customers’ needs. Bombardier is making sure these initiatives are met by employing world-class manufacturing technologies. A good example is the use of LTD500 laser trackers from the Metrology Division of Leica Geosystems (Norcross, GA). részletek